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Heather’s Picks for January

Thank you to Heather Lenson for putting together another fantastic list of websites.  

***Jewish Ideas Daily.

Each day, an original feature piece adds Jewish focuses on an issue of contemporary interest and enduring relevance.  Linda Silver’s suggestion.

 Jewish Family & Life!
A user-friendly site for teachers of young children. Regular and guest columnists create articles on health, food, travel, culture (music, movies, theater, etc), holidays, blessings and life cycle events. Avenues for entering into discussions and blogs also exist.

 Jewish TV Network.

Video clips of Jewish programs that contain music, movies, televison, education and entertainment.

 The Jewish Week.

An online newspaper out of New York that shares the latest in Jewish culture and news.        

An open-source online database of Jewish texts on social justice.



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Heather’s Picks for November

Interesting Websites for November 2010/Cheshvan-Kislev 5771

Babylonian Jewish Heritage Center.

Online exhibits of Babylonian materials, Judaica, archival documents, books and manuscripts.



Online video clips of cartoons based on the weekly Torah portion.  Each clip is four minutes.

Internet Jewish History Sourcebook.

The Internet History Sourcebooks Project is a collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts presented cleanly (without advertising or excessive layout) for educational use.  There are direct links to the documents through sourcebooks of various time periods.  The site also contains an assortment of audio music related to the topics of the documents.


Temple in Virtual Reality. WEJEW Video and Mediashare Community.

An animation showing the Jewish Temple of Jerusalem in all its glory. Visit the Har Habayit (Temple Mount) with the rebuilt Beit HaMikdash – at least in a virtual sense. Walk up the great stairs and enter the massive courtyard.


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Heather’s Picks

Heather Lenson, the librarian at the Ratner Media Center at the The Jewish Education Center of Cleveland will be putting together a monthly list of useful websites for your interest.  Thank you Heather for putting together such a valuable resource. 


Interesting Websites for October 2010/Tishre – Cheshvan 5771

 Center for Jewish History.

Contains web exhibitions from the following five Jewish institutions dedicated to history, culture, and art:


An oral history project of individual’s lives in Europe before World War II.  Photographs are re-digitized into narrative videos.

JTS Library – Special Treasures.

Special collections from the Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS). From the Rare Book Room, users can select a book and click to pull it off the shelf and flip through the pages. Some of the books include: The Prato Haggadah from Spain, circa 1300, Siddur, Italian Rite (“The Women’s Siddur”) 1471, The Rothschild Mahzor Florence, 1490, etc.  There are also rare documents such as “The Maimonides Fragments,”  “Fragments from the Cairo Genizah,” etc.

Jewish Women’s Archives.

An extensive collection of material on the history of American Jewish women.  Teachers will find the section Go & Learn useful It has primary documents and lesson plans. Also, the website contains an encyclopedia of famous Jewish women. There are multimedia exhibits with lesson plans as well.


Library Exhibitions from the Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies. Penn Libraries.

This website features a rich array of Judaica online exhibitions which concentrate on the following areas: modern Judaism, Jewish economic history, Jewish literature, Jewish & other imperial cultures in Late Antiquity, etc.

**Preferred website of the month.


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