Heather’s Picks for January

Thank you to Heather Lenson for putting together another fantastic list of websites.  

***Jewish Ideas Daily.  http://www.jewishideasdaily.com/

Each day, an original feature piece adds Jewish focuses on an issue of contemporary interest and enduring relevance.  Linda Silver’s suggestion.

 Jewish Family & Life! http://www.jewishfamily.com
A user-friendly site for teachers of young children. Regular and guest columnists create articles on health, food, travel, culture (music, movies, theater, etc), holidays, blessings and life cycle events. Avenues for entering into discussions and blogs also exist.

 Jewish TV Network. http://www.jewishtvnetwork.com./

Video clips of Jewish programs that contain music, movies, televison, education and entertainment.

 The Jewish Week. http://www.thejewishweek.com/

An online newspaper out of New York that shares the latest in Jewish culture and news.

 On1Foot.org. http://www.on1foot.org/        

An open-source online database of Jewish texts on social justice.



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2 responses to “Heather’s Picks for January

  1. Thanks for the “Pick” Heather. I hope your readers will check out the 3 -4 dozen author interviews we offer along with over 1200 original videos covering news, entertainment, spirituality, music, comedy, culture, the arts and more.

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