Social Networking: Fad or Friend?

Back in March, our chapter met to share ideas about how re-energize for the future.  We brainstormed and many felt that moving to an online environment would be a fresh and vibrant way to connect with each other and exchange ideas.  Many were enthusiastic, but many raised a skeptical eyebrow.  Facebook?  Twitter? Blogs? Seriously?

The videos posted in this message are for both the believers and nonbelievers.  The first is an in-your-face look at social media revolution in a broad sense.   Even those who “tweet” with zeal or facebook with finesse will learn something new.  The second is a silly reminder that ALL technology was once new and, with any thing that is new,  users needed a bit of hand-holding to feel comfortable.  It was found on the social networking portion of Jewish Publication Society Blog .  There you will find even more discussion of social networking.

Video 1:

Video 2:

Jump into the conversation and leave a comment.   How do you think social media affects Jewish Libraries?  What can we do collectively to build our brand in northeast Ohio and  beyond?



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12 responses to “Social Networking: Fad or Friend?

  1. I am so delighted to learn about your blog. I look forward to visiting often.

    Barbara Bietz

  2. Thanks for letting me know about your new blog. It looks to be an exciting adventure off to a very good start.

  3. Merrily Hart

    I’m very impressed with the chapters new blog — how did I miss it?? I love the videos — and I’m still not sure about social networking.

    Shall I alert you to a typo on your page — check categories.

  4. The blog looks great! I’d like to include this link in the weekly roundup I do for AJL’s blog. It’s a great topic for discussion, too.

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  6. Esther

    Nice post. But I have to note – for a group current enough to have a blog, and to then have a blog post about social networking – it’s kind of ironic that there is no capability here to *use* social networking to share this post!! I have never seen a blog post without “share” buttons – to share at least on email, and usually on at least facebook and twitter as well, if not the myriad of other options. Maybe adding those should be your next step. 🙂

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